Awareness Training

Bring Your Expertise to
First Responders

We work in collaboration with a variety of emergency worker stakeholder groups and subject matter experts to bring healthcare professionals industry-specific training.

Through our Occupational Awareness Training course series, enrolled healthcare professionals have access to nearly 20 hours of customized online course content delivered by seasoned first responders and established subject matter experts.

Once completed, eligible healthcare professionals can be listed on our exclusive Directory of Occupationally Aware Healthcare Providers©, bringing culturally competent services closer to emergency workers and their loved ones.

Our training experience and certification process is one of a kind, as we build towards a national network of Occupationally Aware Healthcare Professionals.

Benefits to taking our courses:

  • Continuing Education

    Our courses are recognized for continuing education by:

    • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

    • Canadian Professional Counselling Association

  • Top Instructors

    Our courses include lessons from top instructors such as: Dr. Duncan Shields, Dr. Ross Laird, Dr. Mark Davies, Dr. David Kuhl, Dr. Megan McElerhan and Dr. Jennifer Melamed and Matt Johnston.

  • Occupationally Aware

    Become one of our growing network of Occupationally Aware Clinicians by expanding your knowledge in order to bring your expertise to emergency workers.

Watch Intro Video

Meet our co-founder Matt Johnston and learn more about our purpose.