Dealing With Anxiety

Feel Calmer, Safer, and More Capable

Anxiety, fear, and worry are normal reactions. . . but they don’t have to be your constant companions.
Join New York Times bestselling author and psychologist, Dr. Rick Hanson, to let go of anxiety and grow a greater sense of calm, strength, and being protected and supported by other people – to be more able to deal with threatening situations around you.
5 powerful practices from Dr. Rick Hanson for managing stresses and worries
Explore ideas and practical, evidence-based methods for replacing anxiety with a sense of ease and confidence. As you engage these practices, you will hardwire their benefits into your nervous system so that you’ll have them with you wherever you go – helping you feel less preoccupied and nervous, and stronger and more hopeful.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Why We're Anxious and What We Can Do About It

    3. A Calm Core

    4. A Sense of Strength

    5. Recognizing Protections

    6. No More Paper Tiger Paranoia

    7. Feeling Alright, Right Now

    8. Taking Action in Your Life

About this course

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